Lately, there have been many allegations towards Muslims as a result of the recent terrorist attacks flooding the news. However, some do not grasp the fact that the terrorist groups, such as ISIS, performing these attacks are Islam extremists. There is a large difference between people practicing the religion peacefully, and people who take it to extreme measures. This difference is often overlooked by people blinded by the flashy news articles that make it seem like all Muslim people are bad people. I greatly disagree. I believe that although there are extremists terrorizing people, we should still treat the innocent Muslim people with the same kindness and respect as we would with all others. It would make our world a much better place if we practiced religious equality. After all, how would you feel if you were blamed for something someone else did?


My full name is Erica Nicole Lopeman.I have no idea why my parents named me that, I don't think they know either. I was born here in San Luis Obispo, California, and I have lived here ever since. My birthday is January 30, 2003, and I am 13 years old. I live with my dad (Mike), stepmom (Shelly), and 3 sisters (Lauren, Jenna, and Taylor).I also have 2 cats and a dog. After school I do dance and I also work at the shave ice stand here at Laguna on Thursdays, I do the syrup. One of my hobbies is photography, and I also like to do makeup, all of my friends say I'm really good at it, but sometimes I disagree. I also like to ride my longboard, well actually, it's my sister's, but I ride it anyways. One of my favorite thing to do to calm down is to read books, one of my favorites is the Maze Runner series, and I am looking forward to read in my next book called Wild. I hope this was somewhat interesting, probably not but oh well. Thank you very my for reading.

Books are Always Better

I believe that the Giver book and movie are both good. However, I think that the book is better than the movie. I think this because the book includes more details while still allowing you to use imagination. It allows you to get emotionally close to the characters, and it leaves you with more suspense at the end of the book. Overall, the book has more components that lead it to be better than the movie version.             First of all, the book includes more details that the movie is lacking, allowing you to use your imagination as to what Jonas is experiencing. For example, in the book, you see more of what is going on when Jonas gets the random flashes of color. It explains that he doesn’t know what color is yet, so you can imagine what is really happening. While, in the movie, all you get is a flash of color, that seems perfectly normal. The movie doesn’t put you in Jonas’s place, because, as humans, we already know what color is.             Secondly, the book allows …

The Brain, A Wonderful Place

Tonight, I read "The Landscape of Memory" by Milton Meltzer, it gives numerous examples of how wonderful peoples memories can be. It was crazy to thin that some people can remember things just by looking at it once, while I can barely remember what I ate for dinner last night. How can people remember so much stuff?

A World of Screens

Tonight I read, "The Pedestrian" by Ray Bradbury, an "The Forecast" by Dan Jaffe, Which both depicted worlds where screens were your only source of entertainment and information. I thought about how our world is slowly becoming only screens, and that worries me because we may loose our social skills and our friends. Do we really want that?

Bye Bye, Little Guy. Hello, New Beginnings.

In this, the very end of the book, Jonas has become one with his thoughts and emotions and has found what he has been looking for all along, peace, and part of Lois Lowry's acceptance speech. I interpreted the ending of The Giver as Jonas finally finding peace and finding a new beginning, hence the title. I wonder, where is Elsewhere, his new home?

He's Gone

In these very interesting two chapters, Jonas and Gabe left the community behind in search of Elsewhere. I was utterly intrigued by the fact that Jonas had found the courage to leave the community and the only home he had ever known. How will Jonas survive the Elsewhere?